If you are entering the world of self-publishing, then there may be some things that you don’t know even if you have done your research. These are little-known marketing secrets that many people that are involved in self-publishing do not even realize. But they are so important to giving your book the edge that it needs to get out in front of people and fly off the shelves that you should definitely know what they are and use them whenever possible. Let’s take a look at five self-publishing marketing secrets.

Baker & Taylor

Baker & Taylor is a catalog that most people outside of the publishing industry or the educational system have not heard of. That’s because this catalog contains the new books that come out every month that are purchased by schools and libraries. Whenever a library has the budget to purchase new books, they look through the Baker and Taylor catalog and decide what their patrons are going to want. If you are not listed in this catalog, and 99 percent of self-published books are not, then you’re missing out


Ingram is the catalogue that bookstores used order their books. This is the only way that you can get bookstores order your book unless you go in and make a special order yourself and pay for in advance. Like B&T, Ingram only carries print books, and it is rather difficult to get listed in these catalogs. You have to join a marketing program like the one on CreateSpace in order to get access. You may also need an ISBN number and they can be fairly expensive unless you buy them in bulk.

ACX Audiobook

Another way that you can promote your book is by having an audiobook created on the Audio Creation Exchange or ACX. ACX is a place where you can go to find narrators that will record your audiobook for a very low price or sometimes nothing. Instead, you share your royalties for the audiobook with that narrator. Having an audiobook can definitely be a powerful marketing tool.

Legalized Bud

Legalized Bud allows you to put your book titles into your forum signature and they display quite large and bright so that everyone can see. If someone likes one of your covers and wants to buy your book, then all you have to do is click on the cover and it takes them straight to the Amazon page where they can buy it for their Kindle or any other version. There is nothing like lighting up a nice roll of Sativas at the end of the day to boost your creativity with medicinal marijuana.

Email & Mobile Signatures

There is no reason not to take advantage of email and mobile signatures as well. If your email address allows you to put a signature below whatever you send something out or you can add some kind of text or link to your mobile signature, then you really should add a link to your Amazon author’s page. You might be surprised how many people will be interested and then go and look at your books.