Come join the insanity in Salt Lake City March 29 - April 1, 2012

Guests of Honor

Author Guest of Honor

Artist Guest of Honor


  Scott Allie  

(Managing Editor Dark Horse Comics)

Editor Guest of Honor

Special Guests:

 Rocky Wood    

HWA Guests of Honor

Joe R. & Karen Lansdale

HWA Lifetime Achievement

Award Winners:
Joe R. Lansdale
Rick Hautala

HWA Special Guests:

Dacre Stoker
Jeff Strand

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Mountain Man © Bobbie Berendson Clark

Eye of the Beholder © Kevin Wasden

Used with permission.


*Thank you everyone who attended and participated for making WHC2012 a great convention!  We are especially grateful to all our wonderful guests!

*2012 Grand Master Award winner: T.E.D. Klein

*Zombiance performs Thursday from 8-9 PM at WHC!

*Hotel transportation is via Express Shuttle.  $8.00 each way.

*Book signing at the Columbus Library and Community Center on Thursday, March 29 from 7-9 PM

2530 South 500 East

South Salt Lake

*WHC2012 supports Horror For Good

*WHC memberships and Stoker banquet tickets still available!

*Mort Castle returns with his writers’ workshop! (Spots available!)

*Been to a good seance?  You can here.$25 fee.  Space limited.

*Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and (see bottom of page)

*Film Festival at WHC2012!  We’re looking for some good horror!

*Gross Out returns!  Rain Graves will be the illustrious hostess!