WHC2012 Committee


Inmates running the Asylum at the Mountains of Madness:


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Artists’ Alley:

Hospitality Consuite:

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HWA Liaison:

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Film Festival

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Wish to join the asylum?  Email whcinfo (at) gmail (dot) com.

Charlie Harmon

Richard Luke

Charlie Harmon & Richard Luke

Steve Harmon

Joe Monson

Jessica Douglas

Jessica Douglas, Joe Monson

Heather Monson & R.J. Cavender

Pam Oberg, Charles Galway, Karen Evans, Denise Broussard

Lisa Morton

Jaleta Clegg

Laura Hickman, R.J. Cavender
Bailey Hunter

Stan Laff, Nycole Laff
Charlie Harmon, Tom Carr, Stephen M. WIlson, R.J. Cavender

Cheryl Pfeiffer, Denise Broussard, Karen Evans, Kevin Evans, Kammi Davis,

Toad Bascom, Arlen Walker, Jessica Harmon, Becky Clegg, JoSelle Vanderhooft

Blake Casselman, Mario DeAngelis

Chris Primeau, Boyd E. Harris


Howard Tayler, Tom Carr, Darlene Dineen,

Julia Nielson, Michael Harmon

Anita Sitrak

Kammi Davis, T. J. Tranchell, Craig Tovey, Nick Fowler