A book editor comes in handy when a writer is wanting to publish his or her manuscript. The book editor’s job is to make sure there are no mistakes in the manuscript. When it comes to obtaining a book editor, there are things to consider. For instance, you do not want to hire the first book editor that you see. You will need to do a lot of research on potential book editors before hiring one. In order for your book to look professional, you will need to hire a professional book editor.

Decide on what you are looking for when you hire a book editor. Do you want a book editor to just proofread your work or are you looking for something extra? For instance, you may want your book editor’s feedback on how the manuscript reads. Do you think the manuscript needs any other work? The book editor and you both have to agree on any changes that need changing. It should not change the tone that you want your book to have. A good book editor will listen and make any changes that you agree to without making you feel bad for writing something down that the editor does not agree with. If this happens, this book editor is not a good fit for you.

On the other hand, you may want to take some suggestions from the book editor. The book editor could make your manuscript even better than it already was. It is known that the best writers took the editors feedback and became successful. There is a wrong and right way to do this.  You do not want the book editor to bully you, but be open to any changes that could make your work shine.

Look for potential book editors that can work with you for a few hours to get of a feel of how they work. Book editors need payment for their time even if it is. Book editing is difficult work and the main idea is to make your manuscript perfect. During this time, you will know if a book editor is right for you. You will find out if the book editor has an attitude or wants to change your manuscript entirely. A writer and book editor need to have a working connection with one another. For instance, it should not cause an argument between editor and writer when one disagrees.

Research the costs of hiring a book editor. You are paying by the hour, so for instance, you may pay $20 to $200 an hour. It all depends on the experience and skills the book editor has and where the person is coming from, such as a publishing company. That is why the trial period is beneficial. Just because a book editor has many editing jobs under his or her belt,  it does not necessarily mean the person is a good fit for you. Sometimes a book editor without too much experience is a better fit than one with experience. A lot of the times a book editor with tons of experience is cocky and make it difficult to work with him or her.

Writers who are looking to publish a book need a book editor. It’s expensive, but it is a good investment. In order to find a book editor, you can try bidding sites, such as Guru or direct publishing companies. You do not want sloppy work done. You want your manuscript published with some edits. Once your manuscript gets published, you can continue to work with that particular editor, especially if you both got along well with each another. It’s hard to find good help.