A ghostwriter can be a great asset for your next project. Whatever your motivation behind hiring a ghostwriter – there’s one for you just a few clicks away. Hiring a ghostwriter is easy because they are in such an abundant supply.

Here’s a full guide to hiring a ghostwriter – starting right from the places to look at and ending with tips for crosschecking the ghostwriter’s credentials.

Places to look for

There are certain online marketplaces devoted to freelance writers and ghostwriters available for hire. Some examples include:

  • GhostBookWriters – a place to get book ghostwriters. From writers for stories, novels, songs, nonfiction, and autobiographies to ghostwriters for wiki pieces, speeches, scripts, narrative writing, ebook writing, and so on – they have plenty of specialized services on the platform. They provide quick price consultation over calls, email, and live chat. They charge roughly $1500 for a 70,000-word-ish fiction novel. They run some discounts too such as 50% off and provide add-ons for people who need publishing and cover design services.
  • GhostwritersForHire – a simple blog-like website that can land you the appropriate ghostwriter fairly quickly in many cases. Novelists start from $24.95 per 250 words. There are also screenwriters, memoir writers, comedy writers, formal article writers, editors, and songwriters for hire here.
  • Writology has a Ghostwriting section that clients can use to hire ghostwriters. Placing an order is a simple 3-step process. Prices start from $12 per page.
  • You can also go for these platforms: Writology, Kingdom of Ink, Reedsy, or Professional Ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting hiring tips and checklist

Hiring a ghostwriter can be a tough job. Though they are in good supply, it’s often difficult to find a suitable ghostwriter who can do the job well and whom you can trust.

  • Trust and expertise are two key factors you need to consider.
  • Run a thorough background check and ask them questions only a professional could answer.
  • Be clear about what you want. There’s no guilt or shame in hiring a ghostwriter. You’re both professionals with different priorities.
  • The more the ghostwriter knows about the task, the better the job they will do in their first draft.
  • Urge them to research first and write later. Although in an ideal world it’d go without saying, it really helps to reconfirm the seriousness of the project.

How do you crosscheck the credentials of a ghostwriter?

It’s vital that you confirm the credentials of a ghostwriter. They can technically show you any book, novel, or online publication similar to what you need or in the same genre to woo you. As they are ghostwriters and don’t get credited for the work, they can easily try to pass as the writers behind any work. 

At this point, if you’re impressed by their body of written work, it’s important to ask them detailed questions from the referenced work. Maybe take some time going through what they claim is their work. Some in-depth questions will quickly dismantle any dishonesty early on. In all likelihood, you will be able to judge whether they really wrote something they claim to have written or not depending on their answers to the questions.

Start slow with generic questions such as how did you start with the research for this project – and move on to deeper questions.